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It's a Deal!

To help celebrate a very large deal we were asked to create a unique trophy as recognition for participants who made the deal happen.

What we developed for the client was a unique custom snow globe with a round cast-marble base. Around the top edge of the base was a custom band of flags representing all the countries involved in the deal. The corporate "AIA" logo was laser-cut out of stainless steel, curved to match the lines of the base, and secured to the top of the base. A high definition digital-printed metal plate was applied to the front of the base. Inside the glass globe was a custom three-dimensional mountain designed to echo the logo design (a sillouette of a mountain ridge) that was on the plate. Floating in the snow globe was snow, which gently settled on the mountain form like the real thing.

One of the unusual aspects of this custom snow globe was that even though all the Trophy Snow Globes were similar design, they each contained unique, one-of-a-kind components:

  • The mountains in the glass globe were all hand-painted so no two were exactly alike.
  • The cast marble base also were unique in that no two were alike - each has slightly different white "veins" through the black base.

So when you have a client who thinks they have seen everything in trophies and awards, kindly show them what we can design for you and them. If you can imagine it, we can make it.