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Remember Me!

Since most businesses are going through challenges in these interesting economic times one distributor realized that they need a simple item that will keep their name in front of their client. After thinking of the obvious products that will either end up in a drawer (pen) or a cupboard behind 6 other coffee cups with logos, the distributor decided on our imprinted Sparkle Stix.

This a great product that will do just what the distributor wanted the product to do. The Sparkle Stix will stay on TOP of the desk, will be played with and most important will have the Distributors name and phone number on the floating acetate that is in the Sparkle Stix. It is easy to carry and leave after a sales meeting. It can't run out of ink, so it has an unlimited lifetime on the desk. The distributor has reported back that they are getting calls from clients because of the Sparkle Stix. Simple marketing keeps your name in front of the client and is key to business.