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Snow Globes versus Lucite

Let's compare our Custom Snow Globe awards to the more common Lucite awards.

What's similar? Both products can display the important date and event on a acetate that is secure in the middle of the item. Both are sized well and have a elegant look.

What's different? Our Snow Globes can do several more important things, that Lucite cannot.

Since we have a glass globe, interior liquid and a custom base to work with we can put the important printed information several places, including on an engraved or printed plate applied to the custom base. Then within the glass globe we can create a custom scene -- this can be a tombstone with a logo or other information, or can be a three-dimensional scene or objects. The "snow" can be traditional, or can be any number of shakeable items from colored sparkles to custom-printed acetates to the client's specifications.

The beauty of snow globes is that they are a self-inviting "pick me up piece" that will get shaken. People point them out to visitors and encourage them to shake the globe and experience the falling glitter or snow. Each time the globe is shaken and the interior resettles, it is a unique experience. The snow globes become an interactive award, where discussions start about the award or event it recognizes, while the Lucite just sits on the shelf.